False eyelashes are considered as a quick and reliable solution for all those looking to improve the look of their eyes and lashes. As a makeup tool, using the lash curler also plays a big role in the finishing look. However, this combo may be bad and you should consider switching to natural ones. Keep reading to find out why!

To understand why false eyelashes and improper curler usage may often be a bad idea, it is important to first understand the purpose of natural lashes. In general, natural lashes have 3 main benefits that make them a lot better than false lashes. They are designed to reduce airflow into the eyes, keep away the excess moisture, and filter the sunlight. Additionally, their curved shape and position are what helps in protecting your eyes from all of the above-mentioned external elements. As you can see, the eyelashes play a great part in terms of protecting your eyes and your vision, and having proper lashes goes a long way – both from a beauty and health aspect.

What are the risks of wearing false eyelashes?


 Believe it or not, false eyelashes can put your vision at risk. The risk appears with any foreign object that comes near the eyes, and the false lashes fall under that category. Whenever something comes close to the eye, there is the potential for things to go wrong.

The most common problems associated with wearing fake eyelashes are:
x Eye injuries and infections;
x Allergic reactions;
x Redness and irritations;
x Damage to your natural lashes.


8 Tips on How to keep your eyes safe with false lashes:


  • Limit the amount of glue you use:
    glue is a hard chemical that can irritate and damage the skin, and with that, the eyes too. Try to use as little as possible.
  • Be gentle when removing:
    Never rip off the lashes. If you do that, you can damage the natural ones and rip them too. Always be gentle when removing & do it in front of a mirror.
  • Avoid glue with formaldehyde:
    Formaldehyde is a strong ingredient, full of chemicals that can be harmful to the eye.
  • Trim your falsies to fit your shape:
    false lashes come in a certain length in their original package & that length is not suitable for every eye shape, so it’s important to trim them to adjust them to fit perfectly.
  • Avoid lashes with glitter or jewels
    glitter & any jewels that come as an addition to the lashes only increase the weight on your eyes. That can affect the lids and the eyes too.

  • Clean with soap&hot water:
    keeping the hygiene of your lashes is important in many aspects. The easiest way is to clean them with hot water and soap.
  • DON’T share lashes with others:
    Never share your lashes. You will most probably catch an infection that can lead to serious eye problems.
  • Clean eyelid after removal:
    after removing the false lashes, always clean the entire eyelid with a soft pad and products that are considered as a makeup remover.

Are you using the lash curler properly?



The lash curler is one of the most common tools for defining the look of your lashes. Using the curler every day might open your eyes to some possible problems and injuries.
When using the curler, you need to pay attention not to:
x Get eyelid injuries;
x Accidentally pull out your natural lashes;
x Damage your natural lashes;
x Weaken your lashes.


8 Tips on How to use the Lash Curler properly:

  • Curling should be your 1st step, as part of the prep.
  • Use a good quality curler. Stay away those with a slippery grip.
  • Apply the right force. Squeeze gently instead of pulling your lashes outward.
  • Hold the curler correctly: open wide enough so the top lash fits
  • Apply mascara AFTER curling! Mascara makes lashes sticky & possibly get pulled out.
  • Clean curler every 2 months. Coated in dried mascara tools results in damaged lashes.
  • If you have semipermanent extensions, best stay away from eyelash curlers entirely.
  • Use the right technique: pump at the root then up along to the tips

WHY are more women ditching false lashes & curlers?


👉 Experts have revealed that beauty lovers are starting to abandon the ‘preened’ look in favuor of a more natural and ‘undone’ appearance. These moves are inspired by the celebrities that are doing the same. The number of women who are now plumping towards a more effortless look is constantly increasing. Over time, lash extensions & lash glue from the falsies can put way too much pressure on the natural lashes, so they become weaker and more fragile, making the natural lashes look much flimsier than before. By ditching the falsies and extensions, the lashes will become stronger and healthier.

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