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Great little kit
Does what it says on the tin!
Really impressed!
Love it
Lash lift
Perfect for lockdown
Well worth the money
Good as eyelashes spa!
Great Value
Worth it!
Nice product!
Takes a lot of patience if you're new to the process
love it!!!
Home lash lift kit
We are glad you are satisfied with the kit! Much love <3
Decent kit
Thank you for your honest review and tips! The Upgraded Kit is slightly more expensive than the ordinary Lash lift Kit since it includes the improved glue and extra tools. The pdf guide is rather a Complementary addition from our side:). As for the duration of the solutions - you are right, everyone’s lashes react differently. We are very strict with sticking with the optimal 10 min, which is less than the manufacturer’s recommendation for 12 min max. But don’t worry - leaving the solutions below these durations will not cause any damages to your lashes. We are super glad that you got them curled for 7 min, but don’t worry if you miss your timer with a minute or two next time:)
Thank you for the review, Delores! Patience is everything. You will get the hang of it, we are sure.
Advise from me - First of all, put the small silicone pad!
If icosign also sold an eyelash dye it would be ideal.
Briefly, this product works.
We are glad the lift was successful for you. The extra application tools are included so that you can maintain good hygienic around your lash lifts. After all - you will be using your kit for at least a year.
loving the results.
We are glad you liked it !!
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